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SIE.ARCHITECTURE; it’s an agency of architecture specialized in industry, the tertiary sector, residential and urban planning, founded by Imad Eddine Srifi Architect D.P.L.G Urban Planner. With 21 years of experience, the agency is managed by this architect DPLG graduated from the school of architecture in Nancy- France in 1997 and DEA urban planner from Aix Marseille III University. He held positions of responsibility within the urban agencies of Tangier, Tetouan and with the Tangier group Med and its subsidiaries (TMSA, TMZ, Tanger Med Foundation) which he continues to assist as consultant on several subjects. This passage made it possible to capitalize on a rich background in tertiary, industrial and logistics architecture as well as operational urban planning in Morocco. Teamwork in a spirit of professionalism and trust with its private and public customers is our strong point.
Our agency has several profiles ranging of architects, engineers, economists, technicians, consultants and graphic designers. Our approach to project management respects international standards, the design phase to the work monitoring phase until acceptance. Our main objective is to respect the deadlines and costs fixed with the contracting authority from the start of the project. We take care of the coordination of works at the request of the client. We communicate with our international customers in 4 languages (Arabic, French, Spanish, English).


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Competition pilot International of Urban Design of the Tangier port complex Mediterranean, Winner: Workshops Jean Nouvel.


Responsible steering committee Diagram of Zone Development Development Special, Mediterranean Tangier.

2004 – 2007

Contracting authority: study of the Industrial Platform Integrated “Tangier Med”, 5000 hectares Programming urban, ground plan, notebook charges, settlement interior, projection of tranches, authorization to subdivide.


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